Our New IoT Solutions Are Better Than Ever

The Pimato Philosophy

Our Story

Our vision is to connect businesses to their physical world with purpose built applications that drive sustainability value through innovation.  By instilling the values of collaboration between people and technology, we use AI/ML and advanced analytics to drive the benefit of these connected environments both internally and within society at large.

Our Mission

We believe that you don't have to start a revolution to create a culture.  We have created a digital platform that unites software and hardware with strong crowd integration.  Our mission is to help you meet your sustainability goals whilst reducing costs and driving revenue in a competitive marketplace.

Our IoT devices are purpose built for any use case with a low-cost, long-range connected solution.   Connecting your physical world allows for a new source of data which can be analysed together with your existing data.  Through the use of sophisticated business analytics, we provide actionable insights that are operationalized and automated into new or existing business processes.